TSA Offers Expedited Airport Screening | Charleston Immigration Lawyers

TSA Pre-Check has been expanded to twelve (12) airports throughout the United States.  The program makes it possible to pre-qualified passengers to experience expedited screening at airport checkpoints.  The program holds potential to strengthen security while greatly enhancing passenger’s travelling experience.  Currently, over 640,000 passengers are pre-qualified for the above benefits.

Who is eligible for TSA Pre-Check?  Members of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Trusted Traveler programs and people who volunteer information about themselves to certain airline frequent flyer programs (Delta Airlines and American Airlines).  The information these passengers provide through the frequent flyer programs and CBP combined with TSA’s multi-layered system of aviation security allows for the pre-qualification.  The system is also beneficial in that it allows TSA to devote greater resources to non-qualified passengers.

What are some benefits of the Program?  TSA Pre-Check qualifiers are able to divest fewer items, which may include not removing shoes, jackets, jewelry and other modifications to the screening process.

TSA is currently working with carriers such as United Airlines, US Air, Jet Blue and Alaskan Airlines to expand the program to additional airline frequent flyer programs.  It should be noted that Pre-Check passengers are still subject to random security measures.

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