Goose Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer

The attorneys in Miller|Conway’s Criminal Defense practice group bring uncompromising determination to achieve our clients’ goals. Our former prosecutor is a recognized leader in the criminal defense bar. We pride ourselves on offering aggressive representation to resolve the most difficult legal problems.

Goose Creek criminal defense lawyers provide our clients with a savvy, experienced defense at all phases of the criminal process. Whenever possible, we work closely with prosecuting authorities before charges are filed, to assist their evaluation of the evidence and hopefully bring the investigation to a close quietly without charges being filed. If charges are brought against our clients, we have a highly skilled team including a former prosecutor who can fight zealously for our clients in pretrial negotiations with prosecutors, criminal jury trials, and any appeals (if necessary).

Miller|Conway’s criminal defense attorneys work closely with clients to ensure a personalized relationship. We understand the hardships our clients encounter when facing criminal investigations or charges. Our team draws on their considerable experience to identify the best strategy to achieve our clients’ needs in the shortest possible time.

That may sometimes involve negotiation but our clients’ negotiating leverage is vastly enhanced by our former prosecutor’s reputation as an experienced trial lawyer, which sends a strong message that we are not afraid to go to trial when necessary. In addition to our demonstrated record of success in the courtroom speaks for itself. We are ready to assist you immediately should you find yourself or a loved one charged with a crime. Ranging from white collar to blue collar crimes to DUI and traffic violations, Miller|Conway is here to help work out a customized solution to your legal issues. We will keep you and your loved ones informed throughout the legal process and will include you, our client, in every decision made.

If you have been charged with a crime do not waste any more time; call Miller|Conway’s experienced, aggressive Goose Creek criminal defense lawyers immediately.

Miller|Conway offers the following specific criminal defense legal services:

  • Drug Offenses
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Gun Charges
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Robbery
  • Fraud
  • DUI Aversion