Goose Creek Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In a crash with another vehicle, motorcycle riders have the same right to demand compensation for their injuries as all other motorists. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle obligates a driver to protect all others on the road, even motorcyclists.

Collecting fair compensation following a motorcycle crash can be difficult, even if it seems obvious that the other party was to blame. You still need to prove the other driver was the cause of the crash and demonstrate how the event negatively affected your life. A Goose Creek motorcycle accident lawyer is prepared to fight on your behalf to achieve these goals. Miller|Conway’s personal injury attorneys can make your case to insurance companies or to a civil court as necessary to protect your legal rights following an injury.

Establishing Liability Following a Motorcycle Crash

If you want to collect financial compensation for any injuries you suffered while riding your motorcycle, you are required to show how the defendant, due to their actions, was responsible for the collision. Examples include failing to signal before making a turn, texting while driving, or operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the other party received a ticket from a police officer following the accident, a conviction for that offense can become powerful evidence of fault in a motorcycle accident case.

Sometimes, incidents can revolve around simple carelessness on the part of the other motorist. In these situations, courts and insurance companies will evaluate the actions of all parties and assign shares of blame for the accident. Under South Carolina Code § 15-38-15, the court cannot award compensation if it believes the injured motorcyclist to be 50 percent or more to blame for the crash. In order to guard against this risk, it is important to speak with a Goose Creek motorcycle accident lawyer from Miller|Conway, in order to secure evidence and present the narrative that shows how you were not at fault.

Motorcycle Collision Compensation

Proving fault for a motorcycle accident is only one part of a successful case. It is just as vital to demonstrate how that event has adversely affected your life. This requires gathering information concerning your physical injuries and also showing how the incident has changed other parts of your life in ways that are difficult to measure.

Most motorcycle injury cases will focus on the victim’s physical injuries. These typically include concussion, broken bones, separated joints, and severe road rash. You have the right to demand payment for all outstanding medical bills that came from these injuries. Additionally, the family of a motorcyclist who lost their life in a crash can claim wrongful death damages.

In addition, the event might affect your life in other ways, such as your experience with pain, suffering, or other emotional trauma. Furthermore, if an incident keeps you out of work, a Goose Creek motorcycle crash attorney from Miller|Conway can help you pursue reimbursement for lost wages.

Let a Goose Creek Motorcycle Accident Attorney Conduct Your Case

When you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to make a claim for compensation. However, bikers may find they have difficulty proving their cases or explaining the extent of their losses to insurance companies.

A Goose Creek motorcycle accident lawyer can help in each of these vital areas. The team at Miller|Conway stands by your side to explain your rights, investigate the crash, prove liability, and seek out appropriate compensation. There is a limited time to act: Reach out to our team at your earliest convenience.