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On Tuesday night, Mount Pleasant Town Council voted to ban texting while driving. The vote, which has been put into effect by an immediate ordinance, also “applies to viewing, taking or transmitting images, playing games and viewing or retrieving email and other electronic data,” according to the Post and Courier. Cellular and other handheld devices used for GPS purposes will still be allowed under the ordinance, as long as the device is operated from a fixed dashboard mount.

While the town is in the process of preparing their permanent signs to advise the public of the ordinance, they are temporarily utilizing local message boards to display the message “Don’t text and drive. It’s the law.”

First time violators will be fined $50 in addition to any court costs associated with the ticket. That fine goes up if the cell phone use is related to a collision. Over the next few months however, the police department will only issue warnings, as their main concern is informing drivers that texting behind the wheel is no longer allowed.

You may click here to read the full article from The Post and Courier, or view the video coverage, as provided by News 4 Charleston below:

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Mount Pleasant’s Town Council initiated the vote after statewide attempts to ban texting failed. It is the first town in the area to take action on their own, but a similar proposal is scheduled to hit the city of Charleston within the next two weeks.

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