Miller|Conway’s Strategic Immigration Partnership with The Law Office of Matthew T. Marcellino

Miller|Conway is pleased to announce the firm has entered into a strategic immigration partnership with the Law Office of Matthew T. Marcellino headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  South Carolina attorneys Miller|Conway will handle North Carolina based immigration cases in conjunction with Mr. Marcellino’s Charlotte-based law firm and will operate from the same when acting as Rescue Counsel on behalf of clients subject to removal from the United States.  We believe having and maintaining a presence in Charlotte is highly beneficial to our immigration clients as the United States Immigration Court is located in less than five (5) minutes from downtown Charlotte.  Further, this association provides both firms the opportunity to expand their immigration practice to both South Carolina and North Carolina and assist clients with legal needs in either state.

For information on The Law Office of Matthew T. Marcellino please visit the firm’s website at The Law Office of Matthew T. Marcellino is located at 216 North McDowell Street, Suite 208 Charlotte, NC 28204

aerial view of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina

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