Injury Lawyers: Head Injury in a Car Accident?

Miller|Conway, Goose Creek injury lawyers, understands brain injuries often go undiagnosed following a car accident or other accidents because doctors don’t know you well enough to make a pre and post injury comparison of your intelligence, emotions and personality. As a result, it’s often up to you, your relatives and friends to notice the symptoms of a brain injury. To better notice the symptoms of a brain injury you must know the symptoms. Headaches are the symptom people most commonly associate with a head injury. However, there are many other symptoms of brain injuries you should be aware of including the following:

Off-Balance and Dizziness;
Loss or Change of Senses of Smell and Taste;
Hearing Loss;
Slurring or Speech Problems;
Vision Problems;
Cognitive Issues (examples: issues with word recall, inability to tell stories or thoughts in sequence or difficulty understanding complex thoughts or expressions);
Difficulty Swallowing;
Sleeping Disorders or Trouble Sleeping;
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder;
Anxiety; and
Slow Reaction Time

If you have been in a car wreck, collision involving a truck or automobile or have been injured on the job or elsewhere contact Miller|Conway, Goose Creek injury lawyers, to ensure you receive the proper medical care and attention you need and deserve. Time is of the essence. Contact Miller|Conway, Goose Creek injury lawyers or to schedule a consultation.

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