Bill 3170: Potential Change in grounds for divorce | Goose Creek Divorce Lawyers

Miller|Conway, Goose Creek Divorce Lawyers, are pleased to report that review of a proposed amendment to the South Carolina Constitution regarding grounds for divorce is currently pending with the House Judiciary Committee. The primary goal of this amendment is to modify requirements in a no-fault divorce by reducing the minimum separation period from 1 year to 150 days. If the bill is passed, it will mark the second reduction in the required statutory separation period. In 1969, when no-fault divorce originally became legal in South Carolina, the requirement was three years.

The proposed law is an attempt to help minimize children’s exposure in the initial phases of the divorce process. In short, proponents of Bill 3170 believe that shortening the separation period will help avoid prolonged exposure to bickering, mudslinging, etc. between the parties. Critics however, argue that the dissolution of marriage should not be an easy process.

You can follow up with the Judiciary Committee’s decision and view the latest legislative information on the bill here.

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