Goose Creek Workplace Accident Lawyer

Most people who are classified as “employees” in South Carolina have access to workers’ compensation coverage through their employers in the event they get hurt or sick on the job. However, those benefits rarely cover the full scope of harm that a serious work accident can cause. You may have other ways of recovering monetary damages that could allow for a greater recovery than workers’ comp alone would provide.

Filing suit over a work-related injury is not a simple process. Seeking guidance from a Miller | Conway workers’ compensation attorney is a crucial first step towards getting a positive final result. With one of our Goose Creek workplace accident lawyers on your side, you will likely have much better odds of establishing fault for your injuries and getting paid for your economic losses.

When is Workplace Accident Litigation Possible?

If your employer provides you with workers’ comp coverage, you cannot file suit directly against that employer over any work-related injury or illness, even if your employer was 100 percent responsible for the incident. If you can prove that a third party besides your employer was directly responsible for causing your injury, you could hold that person or company financially accountable for every form of harm you have suffered.

In many situations, a work injury claim is built around the legal theory of negligence. In other words, it must prove that a specific reckless or careless act by someone else was the direct and primary cause of an otherwise avoidable accident. For instance, imagine a contract worker shows up to a work site drunk and causes an accident with a piece of heavy machinery. Their failure to be responsible on the job would likely constitute a violation of the general “duty of care” they owed you and everyone else at that site. This “breach of duty” could be the basis for a lawsuit based on negligence.

In other situations, someone else may be strictly liable for an accident at work—for example, a third-party supplier who provided a defective tool, component, or piece of material which caused injury to a worker. You will need to identify every possible defendant following an on-the-job accident and take appropriate legal action against them. Miller | Conway’s Goose Creek workplace injury attorneys can take up that task for you.

Recovering for All Available Losses

Unlike workers’ comp, recovery through a workplace accident lawsuit or settlement demand is not limited to specific financial losses like medical bills and a portion of lost wages. Instead, the full value of all economic and non-economic losses stemming from an incident could be factored into a comprehensive claim, including:

  • All medical expenses not covered by workers’ comp, including expected future costs of physical therapy and job retraining
  • All lost wages, plus lost future earning capacity
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Psychological and emotional trauma
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life

Our workplace accident lawyer in Goose Creek can explain how you cannot “double-dip” between workers’ comp and a third-party lawsuit, meaning you cannot recover twice for the same losses across two separate claims.

Discover How a Goose Creek Workplace Accident Attorney Can Help

No one deserves to suffer life-altering injuries at work because of another person’s misconduct. If you have been injured in this way, you can protect your family’s long-term interests by using your right to demand monetary damages for your injuries

You will improve your prospects of success by getting guidance from a Goose Creek workplace accident lawyer at Miller | Conway. Learn more by calling today and scheduling a free consultation.