Goose Creek Premises Liability Lawyer

South Carolina laws obligate property owners to keep their premises hazard-free for visitors. The statutes apply to private homeowners as well as public shopping malls, grocery stores, and anywhere that invites guests to enter the property for business or social purposes.

When you suffer harm from negligent landowners, premises liability laws should hold them financially responsible. A skilled personal injury attorney will be a vital ally in the fight for fair reimbursement. Schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable Goose Creek premises liability lawyer for more information. Together, we can review your options.

Visitor Types in Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability laws place visitors within certain categories; the one you fall under will play a substantial role in your case. These groups include:

  • Invitees: Enter for business purposes that benefit the owner; therefore, they are owed the utmost degree of care.
  • Licensees: Enter upon invitation for social or entertainment reasons; the landowner owes them an obligation to use reasonable prudence and warn them of potential hazards.
  • Trespassers: Enter the grounds for personal gain and without permission; the owner does not owe them a legal obligation in most cases.

Attractive nuisances, such as a pool, create an exception for trespasser liability. A property owner may be responsible for young children entering an unsecured property and sustaining injuries because they were drawn to an attractive nuisance.

A Goose Creek premises liability attorney can review the unique details of your case and explain the applicable laws.

Premises Liability Accident Causes in Goose Creek

Premises liability regulations cover a wide range of scenarios, from escalator and elevator accidents to construction site injuries. Our local attorneys can help with various premises liability cases, including the following.


Trip, slip, and fall accidents are one common cause of premises liability lawsuits. Landowners have a legal obligation to ensure they fix or clear defective, icy, or slippery conditions and spills so that walking is safe for visitors.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Pet owners are responsible for the damage dogs cause by biting or attacking visitors without provocation. Young children are especially vulnerable to these accidents. According to the South Carolina Code of Laws Annotated § 47-3-110, the state follows a strict liability rule for dog bite wounds. The landowner is financially responsible in most cases, even if the animal has no prior history of aggression.

Negligent Security

When there is a history of criminal activity in the property’s immediate area, landowners are legally responsible for providing security to keep visitors safe. By proving that they knew or should have known the risks, our legal team could pursue reimbursement for your damages.

Inadequate security could include poor lighting, lack of surveillance cameras, or failure to hire security guards. A seasoned premises liability lawyer in Goose Creek can answer your questions and help collect the monetary damages you deserve.

Schedule a Consultation With an Experienced Premises Liability Attorney in Goose Creek

Personal injury laws require commercial, public, and private property owners or managers to inspect and make updates or fix defects as needed to avoid placing visitors at risk of harm. You could be eligible for monetary damages if you suffered physical bodily injuries and financial losses because of property owner negligence.

The most effective way to ensure evidence is available is to contact legal counsel immediately. Call an experienced Goose Creek premises liability lawyer at Miller | Conway now to schedule an appointment and begin working on your case.