MILLER|CONWAY DUI Lawyers – Preparation is Key

South Carolina is cracking down on drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, whether illegal narcotics or prescription medications. Accordingly, drivers are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in South Carolina on a daily basis. Drunk driving is never condoned but just because you have been arrested for DUI does not mean that you are guilty. Under South Carolina DUI law, police officers can make an arrest for drunk driving based only on suspicion of impairment. This is a very low standard.

MILLER|CONWAY understands that good people may make mistakes. We also understand that the social pressure against drinking and driving has increased exponentially in recent years and that there is little to no tolerance for even responsible social drinking.

Because of the potential financial, legal and social consequences of a South Carolina DUI, it is important to seek legal help in a timely manner following a DUI arrest. The attorneys at MILLER|CONWAY are qualified and experienced DUI and criminal defense attorneys who focus on offering a complete drunk driving defense strategy. We have the dedication and resources to develop an aggressive, effective and tailor made defense for your case. We use our knowledge of DUI law and the South Carolina legal system to achieve the best possible result for you.

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