ABT Settlement Agreement offers new processes to asylum applicants also applying for work authorization | Goose Creek Immigration Lawyers

Miller|Conway, Goose Creek Immigration Lawyers, are pleased to report that under the ABT Settlement Agreement, certain individuals who intend on filing an asylum application or have already done so are entitled to new procedures relating to the crediting of time for employment authorization eligibility. The Settlement Agreement is the result of a class action lawsuit, B.H., et al. v. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services et. al., No. CV11-2108-RAJ (W.D. Wash.), which was initiated when multiple asylum applicants who had been waiting on a decision (some for more than six months) were denied work authorization. This Agreement was to become effective “upon the U.S. District Court’s preliminary approval,” which was issued May 8, 2013.

In general, an ABT class member can be defined as a noncitizen who has or will file an asylum application, and has or will file an application for employment authorization. There are then four subclasses to further divide claimants based on the specifics of each case. Each subclass is entitled to different forms of relief, ranging from early acceptance of asylum applications to an extended minimum timeframe between hearing dates. To view a detailed description of each subclass and the benefits available to them, click here for a copy of the Class Notice.

You may also view the complete Settlement Agreement here and read about the case’s procedural measures directly from the USCIS, here.

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