Goose Creek Attorneys Help Immigrants Plan for the Future

David Conway, Goose Creek Attorney, is speaking at the Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) Abrazos Program February 14-15, 2012.  Mr. Conway will be educating the group on estate planning law and estate planning issues facing Spanish speaking individuals, green card holders and illegal aliens.

Illegal immigrants in South Carolina and nationwide always face the risk or deportation or removal.  This risk puts them, their spouses, their extended families and their children in a difficult position.  For example, if an illegal alien father and mother are removed or deported leaving behind several U.S. citizen children, the future living situation of the U.S. citizen children may be unresolved.  Many children of illegal aliens have aunts, uncles, grandparents or other relatives in the U.S. willing to care for them but the parents have failed to spell out who will care for the children if they are no longer in the country.  Miller|Conway believes it is in the best interests of everyone involved if the parents specify exactly who is to care for the children should they be removed or deported.  Miller|Conway, Goose Creek Attorneys, help our clients plan for their future and the future of their families in a practical, efficient and financially responsible manner.

Call Miller|Conway, Goose Creek Attorneys, should you or a loved one require estate planning assistance.  The firm’s phone number is 843.764.3334 or you may contact our lawyers via the Miller|Conway CONTACT page on the firm’s website.

The Abrazos program is now in its sixth year.  In 2011 the program was able to expand when the Charleston County School District became a partner and was able to fund the majority of the program with Title I funds.  Abrazos provides Spanish-speaking mothers and their 3-year-old children an interactive family literacy program.  As the children are developing their school readiness skills (gross and fine motor skills, speech and language, and cognitive and social abilities), their mothers are focusing on learning English as a Second Language and participating in a weekly health promotion class.  The program meets four days a week at Midland Park Primary School in North Charleston and serves approximately 32 Spanish-speaking women and their children.

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