Facebook Fueling Divorce?

Increasingly Facebook, the omnipresent social media site, is becoming a primary source of evidence of infidelity in divorce cases. Private detectives become less necessary when you have been “tagged” in an inappropriate picture on the site and your spouse catches wind. In fact, Facebook is being referenced as a virtual “third party” in divorce proceedings. E.g. Who told you your spouse was cheating? Facebook.

Instead of calling a witness to testify that he or she saw the spouse cheating on the other partner, Facebook lends all of the necessary proof in a single screenshot. It is no surprise that this is becoming a more popular source of proof of infidelity.  Emma Patel, head of family law at UK firm Setfords, cites “There is a distinct trend in social networking websites being cited in divorces, almost as a virtual third party. Facebook features in 30 of the petitions I have seen since May, which is nearly all of them.” (Source: www.indianexpress.com)

Nearly 14 billion people use Facebook and that amount is growing every day.  Facebook becomes not only a basis of proof but also a causal source of the divorce. The infidelity was not spawned by Facebook but Facebook often allows an all-too-close examination of a person’s private life. This serves as a reminder to be careful what you are posting. You never know who is going to see what you have written.

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