Car Accidents & Insurance Companies – Be Careful

MILLER|CONWAY, lawyers headquartered in Goose Creek, SC, understands that you may be confused, injured and scared following a car accident in South Carolina. This firm is here to help you following your car accident.  We encourage you to speak with our attorneys after your accident to ensure that you do not waive certain rights and benefits to which you may be entitled.  When dealing with an insurance company we ask that you allow MILLER|CONWAY to speak with the insurance adjustor. MILLER|CONWAY’s lawyers have the experience and knowledge to deal with insurance adjustors. Remember, insurance adjusters are not your friends. They are employees of the insurance companies working to ensure the insurance company pays as little money as possible. Further, we encourage you to avoid signing any and all documents without speaking to a South Carolina auto accident lawyer first. By signing you may be signing away your rights to compensation.

MILLER|CONWAY encourgages you to take the following steps immediately following your car accident:

(1) Contact your insurance company following your accident. Note that a delay in reporting the accident to the insurance carrier may hurt your claim.

(2) Make an appointment with and/or immediately visit your doctor. Whether you believe you are injured or not, see your doctor and tell him/her exactly what happened in the accident.  It is important to note that injuries can sometimes take time, days or even months, to manifest.

(3) Keep track of all receipts and documents related to the auto accident and injury received from all sources.  MILLER|CONWAY encourages our clients to keep a journal detailing your injuries and recovery period as it may be difficult to recall important details months after the accident.  Every detail, no matter how minor it may seem, is important to your case.

(4) Remember to keep all discussions regarding your case between you and your lawyer.

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