Insurance Coverage and Defense

Insurance Coverage and Defense

Miller|Conway focuses on providing its insurance company clients with objective interpretation of a wide variety of insurance contracts in the context of legally and technically complex factual scenarios. We provide our clients with sound and sophisticated advice on the rights and obligations of the respective parties to insurance contracts and assist them in resolving claims in accordance with the contract provisions and the law. In the event coverage litigation ensues, we vigorously defend our clients’ positions.

Miller|Conway maintains an extensive database of multi-jurisdictional case law on a wide variety of coverage and claims handling issues so that it can quickly provide critical advice.

Our accomplished coverage lawyers are able to provide advice and assistance in virtually every circumstance or scenario imaginable and are qualified to handle any issue which may arise from the interpretation of an insurance contract, including:

  • Coverage and litigation in all lines, including commercial general liability, professional liability, commercial property, environmental risk, homeowners, disability, accident and health, life, jeweler’s block and inland marine
  • Coverage disputes in products liability litigation
  • Intellectual property coverage issues and litigation (including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, licenses and trade secrets)
  • Coverage for employment practices including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, Federal Title VII and EEOC, State Fair Employment and Housing Act, employment contract claims and age discrimination claims
  • Issues arising under directors and officers liability policies
  • Interpretation of errors and omissions policies issued to lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and real estate agents
  • Interpretation of excess and umbrella liability policies
  • Coverage issues arising out of loss of business income
  • Advice on the drafting of policies and underlying policy forms
  • Bad faith and extra-contractual damages issues

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