South Carolina Files Motion on Immigration Act

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced recently that the State of South Carolina and Governor Nikki Haley have filed motions to allow the state’s immigration law (S.B. 20) to take effect on January 1, 2012 and to stop further hearings in the matter until the United States Supreme Court issues a ruling on Arizona’s law as the AZ and SC laws are nearly identical.

The motions, filed by Attorney General Wilson on behalf of both defendants, ask “that Act 69 of 2011 be allowed to take effect in January as scheduled.” The motions explain, “To say that this case before the Supreme Court is important to the instant suit would be an understatement. A ruling by the Supreme Court in Arizona is likely to resolve most or all of the issues in the instant case.” Wilson went on to say, “South Carolina has a right to implement this law and protect itself while this important matter is being considered by the highest court in the land.”

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