New law will allow for electronic proof of auto insurance | Goose Creek Personal Injury Attorneys

Miller|Conway, Goose Creek Personal Injury Attorneys, are pleased to report that a pending South Carolina bill will allow for electronic proof of automobile insurance if passed. The new law will allow drivers to carry copies of their insurance cards on cell phones, iPads and most other electronic devices instead of requiring the paper version. While this measure was created in an attempt to minimize tickets during automobile collisions, legislators hope that it will also speed up routine traffic stops, freeing up time for police officers needed elsewhere.

The bill makes two main changes to current law: (1) it will add a section to South Carolina Code of Laws that states “An automobile insurer may issue verification concerning the existence of coverage it provides an insured in an electronic format to a mobile electronic device upon request of the insured;” and (2) it will amend another section of the Code of Laws to add that “Evidence of financial responsibility may be provided by use of mobile electronic device.”

The Automobile Insurance bill was introduced in South Carolina’s House of Representatives on February 26th of this year and met unanimous consent. It was then sent to the state Senate on April 16th and was referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation the same day. You can view the latest draft of the bill here , and track the legislative status of the bill here.

So far, 11 other states have already enacted laws allowing electronic proof of insurance while approximately 17 others have pending legislation similar to South Carolina’s bill.

Although this law will eventually create smoother traffic procedures, there are some obstacles along the way. For example, insurance carriers have been accused of misleading advertisements due to the varying proof of insurance laws between jurisdictions. Some insurance companies have started to air nationwide commercials depicting the usage of electronic insurance during traffic stops even though the updated provisions have not been written into law in all states. This may be confusing to some viewers, so please be sure to contact an attorney if you are unsure about the laws in your area.

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