Medicare and Elder Law: Finding Solutions to the Exponentially Increasing Problems

With several different Medicare reform plans currently being proposed and retirement increasingly difficult every day, many older Americans are looking to elder law as a solution to their financial planning problems. Elder law is an area of law, statutes, and regulations that impacts the lives of older Americans and their families. This area of law encompasses elder care planning services, income assistance benefits, taxation, conservatorship, general estate planning, estate and trust administration issues (e.g., wills, trusts, and probate), counseling and planning for incapacity with medical directives, advanced directives and other alternative decision-making documents. Disasters can strike when we least expect them so it is our responsibility to plan ahead so that the people that we love are not left bearing a tremendous burden.

It is not only important for elderly Americans to have legal representation in the case of difficult estate planning and administration issues. Unfortunately, the occurrence of senior abuse is on the rise in South Carolina and many times it can be the caregiver that is charged with a senior’s wellbeing that is responsible for the mistreatment. Sometimes the stress of caregiving can lead to abusive situations, in which case both the victim and the abuser are in need of help. Neglect is another form of abuse that happens quite often among the senior population. In long-term care facilities, high turnover rates and staffing shortages (coupled with the lack of training, support, and resources) create the ideal environment for neglect or other types of abuse to occur.

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