Like A Rolling Stone: Nursing Home Residents Improperly Evicted

Nursing homes are allowed to evict their residents for a number of reasons, from being unable to provide proper care to the resident not paying his or her bills. A lot of times eviction is proper. Indeed, these are private businesses and should be afforded the ability to effectively operate without being completely fettered by legislation.

However, there are laws in place to protect seniors should they be evicted, and increasingly nursing homes are ignoring these laws to the detriment of our seniors. Before evicting a nursing home resident the home must afford the senior both the opportunity to appeal the eviction, and should the appeal be denied, the facility must find another suitable home for the resident.

With the baby boomer population retiring and nursing homes becoming increasingly populated, there is a real risk of nursing homes evicting residents for illegal reasons. Nursing homes cannot just oust a resident because they find a new resident who is cheaper to take care of. These laws are designed to protect our seniors from being taken advantage of and ensure they have a voice. Families trust their loved ones to these facilities and these facilities cannot take that trust lightly.