Drop in Deportation Orders in Q1 2012 – Immigration Lawyers

According to a study by TRAC Reports, Inc., the  number of cases disposed of in the nation’s Immigration Courts showed a drop in deportation orders and an increase in the number of individuals allowed to stay in the United States in the first three (3) months of FY 2012.

In only half the cases (50.8 percent) were individuals ordered removed. This is down from the 56.1 percent ordered removed during the previous quarter.  Nationally, this is the smallest share ever recorded in court data tracking outcomes during the past two (2) decades.

An additional 14.0 percent received a so-called “voluntary departure” order to leave the country, up slightly from 13.2 percent during the previous quarter. Counting both removal and voluntary departure orders, slightly fewer than two out of every three cases (64.8 percent) in the first quarter of FY 2012 ended in a deportation order, also an historic low.

Note that these changes may be related to a review by ICE of all pending Immigration Court cases. The aim of this review, announced on August 18, 2011, was to identify cases which were not deemed to be enforcement priorities.

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